"Self-interest powers our actions, the way gravity powers the movements of the planets, the stars and the galaxies."



The man behind the curtain

Selfish Wizard has developed a systematic philosophy of the individual based on the essential nature of being. It describes what human beings are, what drives us and how we create values and make decisions. It is not a moral system, and in fact, rejects all moral and ideological systems. Instead it shows how, as biological organisms, we act and behave, based on a principle of subjective self-interest which organizes the lives, actions and efforts of every being. This basic biological imperative has enormous implications for the nature of being. It means that man's existence is self-justified and self-empowered. Man is complete in himself and requires no external power, meaning or justification. Man can only live for his own sake and exists solely to fulfill his own needs and desires. Self-interest powers our thoughts and actions, as gravity powers the movements of the planets, stars and galaxies. Gravity sculpts the universe. Self-interest is the sculptor of all human relations.