Free Will and "Indeterminism"

The problem of free will has long been misunderstood by philosophers and scientists. Free will does not mean an absence of constraints. Free will is not compromised by cause and effect, randomness, quantum uncertainty or environmental, genetic, economic, psychological or physical constraints or unconscious decision making.  Free will is what an individual decides to do in the face of all those constraints and limitations.  Will is the act of the entire being.  And if it isn’t free it isn’t will.

Determinism is an ideology of unfreedom based on the myth of scientific omniscience.  “Indeterminism” is not a theory, a model or a system.  It is a word invented by determinists to criticize free will.  It is no more a system of thought than not believing in a god is a system of thought.  If it has any meaning at all it can only mean something similar to atheism, but with respect to determinist myths rather than religious ones.