Wisdom from the Wizard--The following quotes from Selfish Wizard are our favorite aphorisms from behind the curtain.



Self-interest powers our actions, the way gravity powers the movements of the planets, the stars and the galaxies.

  • Man’s ultimate concern is himself.
  • Worship yourself as the creator of all things in your own life.
  • Man is his own highest power.
  • Man lives for his own sake.
  • What passes for altruism is mere self-interested cooperation with others.
  • Each person lives in his own virtual reality machine.
  • All man can experience is himself.
  • Man is not a rational being but a subjective one.
  • Intentionality is always an expression of self-interest.
  • Even a collective unconscious can only be experienced individually.
  • Two lovers are not a “beast with two backs” but two beasts furiously seeking their own separate pleasures.
  • There is no conversation more boring than with a person you don’t want anything from.
  • We all want to be ourselves and to be recognized everywhere for it.
  • Men and women take what they want from each other and do their best to ignore the rest.


Self-interest is the only compass for resolving ethical and moral questions.

  • Morality is just an opinion.
  • People who talk about morality rarely ask what it means.
  • There is no such thing as a moral fact.
  • Morality is a mask for what people want to do anyway.
  • Good must be good for something; it cannot exist in the abstract.
  • Good is what’s good for you; evil is anything not in your interest.
  • Like time and space, good and evil are relative to the position of the observer.
  • Compassion is what you feel when you realize you could suffer the same misfortune someone else already has.
  • Empathy is the delusion that you know what someone else feels like exclusively by reference to your own feelings.
  • Heroes are chosen as the expression of aspirational group values.


God is an avatar for the self.

  • The Universe is a free market system.
  • What does god do for the living?
  • Who is the god who does not exist?
  • Whether god exists or not, things here on earth can only be just the same as they are now.
  • God’s non-existence is just the tip of the iceberg.
  • God must not be very important if its very existence can be debated.
  • All gods express human ideas and behaviors. Each god is a mask for some aspect of the human self.  The wisdom of gods that exist is what they express of the nature of man.
  • God sprang from the forehead of man.
  • God exists only in the minds of believers.
  • God mirrors the believer; each justifies the other which is no other than himself.
  • God’s believers don’t know what the god is that they believe in.
  • God is a dead end for thought.
  •  The devil is god’s favorite policeman and jailor; if you don’t do what god wants, the devil will take you to hell.

Free Will

Will is free or it is not will.

  • Will is free, most everything else costs money.
  • You are responsible for your actions whether you believe in free will or not.
  • It’s not my fault, my brain made me do it!
  • Free will from the slavery of determinism.
  • The question for you is always what you are going to do in the matter.
  • Free will is what you do in the face of a multitude of constraints.
  • Free will exists whether you are conscious of it or not.
  • If you are determined to be a determinist you cannot argue effectively about determinism.


"The human dilemma is that we are only interested in ourselves, yet we only obtain life's benefits by cooperating with others."

  • Cooperation exists at every level of nature from atoms, to molecules to cells to neurons to beings.
  • Gravity is a cooperative relationship.
  • The only objective reality is subjective self-interest.
  • The purpose of morality is cooperation.
  • All human cooperation and group organizations are based on myths and fictions designed to overcome the reality of subjective self-interest.  
  • Religions are shared myths designed to spur cooperation in the face of the actual disparate interests of individual believers.
  • Cooperation based on shared illusions and myths can create significant benefits.
  • Cooperation is the basis of all human progress and is an important element of actualizing individual self-interest.


 "Consciousness is not in the mind, it is a condition of being human."

  • The consciousness of one being cannot be accessible to any other being.
  • The location of consciousness is in each separate living being.
  • Consciousness can be trained, influenced, misled and educated to think deeply.
  • Consciousness contains contradictory and mutually exclusive ideas and desires.
  • Consciousness enables cooperation.
  • Animals are just as conscious as they need to be.
  • Chimpanzees haven't invented computers because they do not have a need for computers and therefore cannot cooperate in creating them.

The Reality Delusion

"Reality is always observer dependent."

  • There is no reliable bridge between subjective perception and objective reality.
  • All perception is subjective and perceived internally by  the individual.
  • There can never be an objective observer.
  • The meaning of the concept of god is that of an objective observer and an objective observer is an epistemological impossibility.
  • Appearances are exactly what they appear to be.
  • Our senses are designed only to identify things that are helpful or harmful to the individual and its subjective interests; they are not designed to conceptualize a concept called "reality."